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OPUD has two separate water systems, one serves Olivehurst and one serves Plumas Lake.

Olivehurst water systems serves more than 1,000 service connections. Well No. 4 and Well No. 28 remove Hydrogen Sulfide.  Iron and Manganese are removed from the raw water in the treatment process.  Wheeler Ranch Water Treatment Plant draws water from greater than 600 feet to avoid Hydrogen Sulfide.  This plant treats the raw water for Iron and Manganese.

Plumas Lake water system serves more than 1,900 service connections.  This system does not have Hydrogen Sulfide gas and its raw water is treated for Iron and Manganese.

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Ways To Use Water Efficiently - Residential Household Water Use

Use less water with daily tasks. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth, shorten meteryour showers, and wash full loads in the dishwasher and washing machine. Tips for Water Efficiency

Check for leaks in the house and outside. Toilets are the #1 household leaks. Check your water meter periodically when all appliances are turned off to see if the meter is still running. If the meter numbers are increasing when all appliances and irrigation is off, check for leaks. Repair leaks as soon as possible. How To Detect A Water Leak

Check the toilet flapper inside the tank to see if it is properly situated. Use a few drops of food coloring or a dye tablet inside the tank, and then in a few minutes, check to see if any color makes its way into the toilet bowl. If so, your toilet tank flapper or another part may not be working properly and may need to be replaced

Use an aerator on faucets and showerheads to achieve the same performance while saving water

Replace inefficient appliances with “Energy Star” high efficiency appliances. The following Energy Staris a list of California high efficiency standards for household appliances:

  • Toilets 1.28 gallons/flush
  • Showerheads 2.2 gallons/minute
  • Faucets 2.2 gallons/minute

For additional information visit SAVE OUR WATER at; http://www.saveourh2o.org/

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Consumer Confidence Report Olivehurst and Plumas Lake 2016

Consumer Confidence Report Olivehurst and Plumas Lake 2015

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Consumer Confidence Report 2013  

 Consumer Confidence Report 2012       

Consumer Confidence Report 2011


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Water Sewer Service Connection Permit Application Water System Complaint Form - word version
Meter Read Request Form Water System Complaint Form - pdf version